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Butler Specialty Company, which has emerged as America's No. 1 resource in accent furniture, celebrates its 83rd year in 2013 focused on a bright future built on its long-standing commitment to excellence and integrity.

Founded in 1930, the company not only survived the Great Depression but actually thrived. Martin Fainman and a partner launched Butler on April 1, 1930 to manufacture novelty furniture items like clock shelves and radio benches. Two years later Harry Bergman approached Butler owners about producing cabinets for pinball machines at the factory. But word on the street was that organized crime controlled the Chicago pinball industry, so they decided to stick with the existing product line.

In 1933, Fainman and Bergman became Butlerメs sole owners, establishing a partnership that worked extremely well for many years. Bergmanメs son Burton and Fainmanメs son Burt succeeded their fathers and expanded the company as second-generation owners. Bergman oversaw product design and manufacturing, and Fainman led the companyメs sales and marketing efforts.

Still family owned today and operating in the same facility it has called home since 1940, the company is led by David Bergman, the third-generation chief executive officer.

モWhat drives Butler today is a fundamental commitment to make this company the best in accent home furnishings,ヤ Bergman says. モThat is the cornerstone of how we make decisions and the clear expectation of everybody around here. We believe it is not OK to be anything less than excellent in everything we do. We will not be average. We are only going to be great.ヤ

In 1993, Bergman launched a design initiative that changed the face of the venerable company, which has focused exclusively on accent furniture since its inception. His goal was to distinguish Butler as the leader ヨ the definer ヨ of the accent category. Since then the company has introduced a series of collections that fuse innovative design, exquisite craftsmanship and exotic materials into the industryメs broadest, most diverse and most value-driven lineup of accent home furnishings.

Butler scours the globe to find the best sources of production and finest materials for its world-class designs. Each product is meticulously crafted and sharply priced, providing exceptional value for North American consumers.

Today, Butler offers the industryメs broadest, most diverse and most value-driven accent line with more than1,400 products featuring styles for every room in the home at virtually all middle-range price points.

Bergman and his management team are committed to keeping the line fresh. Each piece is designed and produced to be モThe Brightest Spot In Your Room,ヤル the companyメs trademarked and widely recognized position in the marketplace.

Beyond product, Bergman attributes a fundamental commitment to integrity as another key reason for Butlerメs long, successful run.

モIntegrity and honesty are very important to us today just as they always have been,ヤ he says. モI know integrity helps us in business. Our customers, suppliers and employees know they can trust us, which is something very important that you can only earn over time by doing the right thing always.ヤ

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